I’m Tyler Seiple, the founder of phonetic phreedom™ and a professional coach of voice, speech, and acting in Los Angeles. I earned my Master of the Fine Arts from the University of California, Irvine, where I was first introduced to Knight-Thompson Speechwork™ and Fitzmaurice Voicework®. I was especially attracted to the focus on awareness and physical exploration at the base of each technique, and it was from this foundation that I developed phonetic phreedom. In the summer of 2010, I became an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework, in which I also offer coaching. In June 2016, I officially certified as a Teacher of Knight-Thompson Speechwork, completing my credentialing trifecta.

My rich experience as an actor lies at the core of my voice and speech work. phonetic phreedom was developed in the context of actor training, and its usefulness in that context extends into all areas of communication. Breath, voice, and speech are united in the act of communication, be it onstage or in everyday conversation. Emotion, context, obstacles, social constraints, and audience expectation define not only the actor’s craft but also what we face when we open our mouths to speak to the world. I bring an actor’s perspective to phonetic phreedom, and I use that perspective to better understand the human need to communicate.

I blend my interests and approaches to make breath, voice, and speech accessible to all of my clients. I have decades of musical experience; years of study in anatomy, language, linguistics, phonetics, and acting theory; and teaching credentials in classrooms, onstage, on sets, and in private settings. I'm ready to approach the needs of every client in an adaptive manner, with plenty of room for improvisation and exploration.

phonetic phreedom™ encourages and empowers my clients to explore the act of communication. Breath, voice, and speech are essential aspects of our human communication. They are tied to our emotions, our desires, and our identities. phonetic phreedom gives you the ability to explore the physical origins of breath, voice, and speech in your own body. With that knowledge, you can then make conscious choices to fulfill your speech goals. Whether you want to acquire a so-called General American accent, spruce up a performance dialect, or connect more deeply to the impulse of breath, phonetic phreedom helps you discover and then develop your personal processes of communication.

phonetic phreedom is about expanding possibilities and expanding freedom. The curriculum invites openness, exploration, and the expansion of self-awareness. It also embraces a continuing sense of curiosity and playfulness, which often lead to a more powerful connection to the need to communicate. phonetic phreedom reflects the individual and empowering heritage of its origins, including the phonetic self-discovery of Knight-Thompson Speechwork and the embodied physical presence of Fitzmaurice Voicework.

phonetic phreedom curricula have been taught and developed at the University of California, Irvine; Chapman University; California State University, Long Beach; and Stuart Rogers’ Studios. phonetic phreedom coaching has appeared onstage at the Fountain Theatre; the Antaeus Theatre Company; the Ensemble Studio Theatre; Rogue Machine Theatre; and the LA Philharmonic Association. Clients of phonetic phreedom have appeared onscreen in productions from True Blood and Shameless to Crazy Ex Girlfriend and House of Cards.

ENDGAME, directed by Robert Cohen
Three Generations of UCI Speech and Voice